Bother and the Sex Shells

The Sex Shells

Friday 11 September 2015

Green Rooster, Minden Place at 8.00pm

sexshellsChannel Islands Pride 2015 starts here! Warm up for tomorrow’s main event with a comedy night at The Green Rooster courtesy of London comedy troupe The Sex Shells.

The Sex Shells are Jersey boy Adam Perchard and London lovelies, Callum Mac and James Egan. Stand-up comedian Thanyia Moore will guide you through The Sex Shells’ all-singing, all-dancing comic hall of mirrors.

Fast becoming one of the hottest tickets in alternative comedy in London, The Sex Shells are unpredictable, irreverent, hilarious, sexy and shell-like!

Full of surprises, expect the unexpected when The Sex Shells perform.

(Warning: Adult content)

Friday 11 September 2015
Green Rooster, Minden Place
Ticket: £5.00 Book now!


Saturday 12 September 2015

Ce Soir, Weighbridge Square at 8.00pm

bother2London-based pop and performance artists Bother join our own Haus of Liberate DJs and performers to create Shameless@CeSoir on Saturday 12 September 2015 at 8.00pm, the Haus of Liberate’s own special creation to round off Pride 2015.

Bother are known for their eclectic evenings of original music, film, fashion, performance, comedy, puppetry, and operatic spectacle. Performing across London in galleries, ‘art happenings’, bars and nightclubs, Bother move seamlessly and seamily from art world to underworld, and host one of East London’s hottest nights, TheMenWhoFellToEarth. We guarantee you won’t have seen anything like Shameless@CeSoir in Jersey before. You won’t want to miss it.

(Warning: Adult content)

Saturday 12 September 2015
Ce Soir, Weighbridge Square
Ticket: £5.00 Book now!

Our Big Fat Gay Fundraiser

Our Big Fat Gay Fundraiser

Friday 17 July 2015

Ce Soir, Weighbridge Square at 8.00pm


We need your help to make Pride 2015 the biggest, fattest, gayest party ever. Pride 2015 is going to be the Channel Islands’ first ever Pride and we want it to go with a bang!

Ce Soir, one of our Pride supporters, is hosting Haus of Liberate for a fun night of camp, disco, retro and haus all night long.

Featuring “pin a five on the bride” and the Jersey round of Mr Gay UK. The winner of which will go head to head with Guernsey’s Mr Gay UK entrant for the title Mr Gay CI at Pride on Saturday 12 September 2015. If you would like to enter please email us at for further details.

Entry is free but please bring your pink pounds and generous spirit. #proudandfree

Facebook event page:

Liberate joins with Jersey Heritage to celebrate Cahun

On Thursday 23 July 2015, Jersey Heritage and Liberate will be showing Sarah Pucill’s ambitious black and white 16mm film Magic Mirror in St Brelade’s Church Hall. The film combines a re-staging of the French Surrealist artist Claude Cahun’s black and white photographs with selected extracts from her book Aveux Non Avenus (Confessions Denied). In Surrealist kaleidoscopic fashion the film creates a weave between image and word, exploring the links between Cahun’s photographs and writing as well as between those of the films of Sarah Pucill, as both artists share similar iconography and concerns. Tickets are available here.


Claude Cahun (born Lucy Renee Mathilde Schwob), artist, photographer and writer, was born in Nantes in 1894. Claude was the niece of an avant-garde writer Marcel Schwob and the great-niece of Orientalist David Léon Cahun. She was brought up by her grandmother, Mathilde Cahun.

She began making photographic self-portraits as early as 1912 (aged 18), and continued taking images of herself through the 1930s. Cahun’s work encompassed writing, photography, and theater. She is most remembered for her highly staged self-portraits and tableaux that incorporated the visual aesthetics of Surrealism. Her published writings include Heroines (1925), a series of monologues based upon female fairy tale characters and intertwining them with witty comparisons to the contemporary image of women.

During the early 20s, she settled in Paris with her lifelong partner and step-sibling Suzanne Malherbe. For the rest of their lives together, Cahun and Malherbe (who adopted the name “Marcel Moore”) collaborated on various written works, sculptures, photomontages and collages. The two published articles and novels, notably in the periodical Mercure de France.

cahun-previewIn 1937 Cahun and Moore settled in Jersey. Following the fall of France and the German occupation of Jersey, they became active as resistance workers and propagandists. Pacifists, they worked extensively in producing anti-German fliers. Many were snippets from English-to-German translations of BBC reports on the Nazis’ crimes and insolence, which were pasted together to create rhythmic poems and harsh criticism. The couple then dressed up and attended many German military events in Jersey, strategically placing them in soldier’s pockets, on their chairs, etc. In 1944 Cahun and Moore were arrested and sentenced to death, but the sentences were never carried out. However, Cahun’s health never recovered from her treatment in jail, and she died in 1954. She is buried in St Brelade’s Church with her partner.

Adopted by the LGBTQ community

In recent years with the rise in interest in the history of gay lives, Cahun has been adopted by the LGBTQ community as much for her relationship with her step-sister as for her gender-bending images. There is no explicit evidence that Cahun and Moore’s relationship was lesbian in nature. No love letters survive of the sort left by Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West documenting an affair. However, it is clear that Cahun and Moore were partners in work and life so, if not sexual or romantic, their relationship was as important and exclusive to them as a marriage.

CahunAndMooreInMirrorsForWeb.jpMuch has been written about Cahun’s gender. Some writers speculate that Cahun was agender (i.e. possessing no gender). Because gender is a pact between the person whose gender identity it is and society’s reception of their gender projection, this is a difficult judgement to make from the standpoint of our time, bound by different rules for men and woman than at the start of the Twentieth Century. We know Cahun selected a male name as her professional name. However, Cahun was working in an almost exclusively male artistic circle so a male name may have been a practical choice, rather than a comment on her own gender. We also know that Cahun photographed herself wearing men’s clothing in a era where binary gender norms were more strictly adhered to. However, Cahun also photographed herself as quasi Far Eastern gods and swarmis, china dolls and extrusions from the natural landscape. It would, therefore, be a mistake to be selective about the images she has left us in order to fit a particular reading about her life to them. The best we can say is, perhaps, that Cahun enjoyed playing with gender, testing its boundaries, and experimenting with her own image’s gender, which has left us a fascinating archive of photographs that resonate with viewers who do not wholly feel that they are the gender they were assigned at birth.

What is clearly documented in Cahun’s work is her fascination with masks, costumes and mirrors to create a constructed or heightened image of ourselves whilst at the same time hiding other aspects of ourselves. The idea of hiding behind a mask is something that resonates strongly with the LGBTQ community whose life experience typically includes a period lived behind a mask when we choose not to out ourselves.

It is for these reasons that Cahun has been enthusiastically adopted by the LGBTQ community and why Liberate has partnered with Jersey Heritage to show Sarah Pucill’s film Magic Mirror. We hope it will be something different from the #HausofLiberate and that you will enjoy finding out more about the extraordinary life and history of one of Jersey’s true LGBTQ heroes.

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Press release: 12 June 2015

rallymartinliberateChannel Island equality charity Liberate is to host the Channel Islands’ first official Pride parade on Saturday 12 September 2015 in St Helier, Jersey.

Following the rally organised by Reform Jersey last year that saw LGBTQ islanders and their friends turn out to lobby for equal marriage, Liberate were asked by members of the LGBTQ community to build on the spirit and success of that day and to organise Jersey’s very own Pride.

Vice Chairman for Liberate, Christian May, said: “Pride is a global phenomenon. Almost every country where LGBTQ people are free to live without fear of persecution has a Pride event. It allows the community and their friends and family to come together, firstly, to show how proud they are to be part of a diverse society and, secondly, to celebrate being free to make that statement. Pride transcends politics. It’s a celebration of inclusion.

Jersey has taken some bold steps recently, and will continue to do so, to ensure equality for all its citizens, regardless of their race, gender or sexuality. The Island should be proud of what it has achieved and Pride is one, very visible way, to demonstrate that.

The parade will start at West’s Centre at 12.45pm and will travel through St Helier to Weighbridge Square for 1.30pm where there will be a speech by Liberate’s special guest.

From 2.00pm, there will be live music and family friendly entertainment in Weighbridge Square and adjoining businesses, including the Jersey premiere of a recently-released independent movie and live cabaret entertainment later in the evening.

Mr May hopes that everyone will feel welcome to join in with the day’s events: “Pride is organised by the LGBTQ community but it is not exclusively for that community. It is a party everyone is welcome to attend. If you haven’t been to a Pride before, it is a colourful, fun and friendly day out for all ages that celebrates diversity, symbolised by the rainbow flag.

Members of the public who would like to attend Pride are advised to monitor Liberate’s website,, for further announcements and more details of the day.

Liberate would like to hear from any organisations that would like to take part in the parade or in the events in Weighbridge Square and can be contacted by email:

Pink News article

BBC Radio Jersey (timecode: 1:11:40)

Pride 2015

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Saturday 12 September 2015

Parade starts at West’s Centre at 12.45pm and ends at Weighbridge Square at 1.30pm

rallymeLiberate is an inclusive charity. We welcome everyone to celebrate Jersey’s first official Pride with us whatever your gender, race, age, religious belief, ability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The 2015 parade will be led by our special guest – details to be announced.

Click here for more details of the program of events and the parade route.

Parade Theme

The theme of this year’s parade is Proud and Free.

Seventy years ago this year, the Channel Islands were liberated from an oppressive regime that denied islanders the right to live their lives openly without fear of reprisals. More than any other part of the Britain, we know what it means to have your liberty taken from you.

We have a long tradition of welcoming diverse people to our islands, a tradition that breeds tolerance of difference. We are fortunate that for generations this attitude has prevailed in our people, our laws and our leaders, meaning that, as a democratic society, we can hold differing views and our differences are resolved through debate not violence.

However, for individuals to be truly free to embrace all aspects of their personalities and be proud of who they are differences must be more than tolerated; they must not only be accepted but celebrated.

It is for this reason that we invite everyone to join us on 12 September 2015, to show that we not only accept but support diversity and are proud to celebrate it.

You are someone to be proud of. #proudandfree

Join Us

So, what are you waiting for? Dig out your rainbow flags, put on your carnival colours and join us in West’s Centre at 12.45pm on Saturday 12 September 2015 for a day of celebrating our island’s diversity.

If you have never attended a Pride event before, click here for some advice on what to expect.

Club Kids “Haus Party” Photos















Club Kids “Haus Party”

Club Kids “Haus Party”

Saturday 18 April 2015

The Green Rooster, Minden Place at 8.00pm (late licence to 12am)


We gonna party like its NYC 1989! Come join the Club Kids of the Haus of Liberate.
Best dressed competition #letyourfreakflagfly
£5 on the door
All proceeds go to Liberate Channel Islands.

Facebook event page:

Bing-ay Photos


Bing-ay with a Twist of Fete

Bing-ay with a Twist of Fete

Wednesday 11 March 2015

The Green Rooster, Minden Place at 6.30pm


Liberate presents … Bingay (BINGO) with a twist of fête!

Join us for a night of beavers, balls and camp calls. Prizes galore and the opportunity to cop-a-feel!

Doors open at 6:30pm, first game of Bingo starts at 7.00pm.

First come, best seated!

All proceeds will go to Liberate to help us continue to educate and inform on a wide range of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning) issues and to support those who identify as LGBTQ, their families and friends.

Facebook event page:

Trashy Pub Quiz Photos