Liberate is governed by a board of members. All our members serve in a voluntary capacity. The current board members are as follows:

Rachel French – Chair (Contact)

Ashley Morris – Honorary Secretary (Contact)

Vic Tanner Davy (Contact)

Christian May (Contact)

Jayne Smith (Contact)

Jacqueline McDermott (Contact)

Hannah Harvey (Contact)

Emily Tonkin-Gage (Contact)

Operationally Liberate is run by its senior management team. The current senior management team is as follows:

Vic Tanner Davy – Honorary CEO (Contact)

Paddy Haversham-Quaid – CXO (Contact)

Where Liberate’s work is unable to be carried out by the senior management team, the charity relies on voluntary supporters who work in task groups, e.g. each year we form a Pride task group to deliver Pride. If you would be interested in finding out more about volunteering for Liberate, please click here.

Liberate also has a patron:

Rebecca Root (Rebecca’s website)

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