Bother and the Sex Shells

The Sex Shells

Friday 11 September 2015

Green Rooster, Minden Place at 8.00pm

sexshellsChannel Islands Pride 2015 starts here! Warm up for tomorrow’s main event with a comedy night at The Green Rooster courtesy of London comedy troupe The Sex Shells.

The Sex Shells are Jersey boy Adam Perchard and London lovelies, Callum Mac and James Egan. Stand-up comedian Thanyia Moore will guide you through The Sex Shells’ all-singing, all-dancing comic hall of mirrors.

Fast becoming one of the hottest tickets in alternative comedy in London, The Sex Shells are unpredictable, irreverent, hilarious, sexy and shell-like!

Full of surprises, expect the unexpected when The Sex Shells perform.

(Warning: Adult content)

Friday 11 September 2015
Green Rooster, Minden Place
Ticket: £5.00 Book now!


Saturday 12 September 2015

Ce Soir, Weighbridge Square at 8.00pm

bother2London-based pop and performance artists Bother join our own Haus of Liberate DJs and performers to create Shameless@CeSoir on Saturday 12 September 2015 at 8.00pm, the Haus of Liberate’s own special creation to round off Pride 2015.

Bother are known for their eclectic evenings of original music, film, fashion, performance, comedy, puppetry, and operatic spectacle. Performing across London in galleries, ‘art happenings’, bars and nightclubs, Bother move seamlessly and seamily from art world to underworld, and host one of East London’s hottest nights, TheMenWhoFellToEarth. We guarantee you won’t have seen anything like Shameless@CeSoir in Jersey before. You won’t want to miss it.

(Warning: Adult content)

Saturday 12 September 2015
Ce Soir, Weighbridge Square
Ticket: £5.00 Book now!

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