Photo: the faces of six different black people

BLM Jersey

Liberate offers support to anyone living and working in Jersey who does not identify as white through its links with the BLM Jersey group. It is estimated that the non-white population in Jersey now exceeds 2,000 people. This figure increases during the summer through seasonal workers in Jersey’s hospitality and agricultural industries.

BLM Jersey formed as a result of the Black Lives Matter protests that occured across the world and in Jersey on 6 June 2020. The protest in People’s Park saw over a thousand people of all colours stand in solidarity to say that black lives matter here, too. This message has remained the main priority, with the aims of BLM Jersey aligning closely with Liberate’s mission and making the partnership one of shared enterprise and aspirations.

BLM Jersey meets monthly and runs a weekly wellbeing session. BLM Jersey also has a Facebook page, Twitter feed and Discord channel.

To get involved or find out more, please contact us using the contact form below. (Our data protection notice can be found here.)

Please note we have been having some incidents of our reply emails being marked as spam and going to clients’ junk folders. If you have not heard back from us, please check your junk email and/or whitelist our email address

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