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Hate Crime: What is it and how to report it?

What is hate crime?

Hate crime can be defined as acts of violence and hostility directed at a group or individual because of who they are, or who someone thinks they are, based on their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

Hate crime in Jersey is currently greatly under-reported. The SoJ Police are seeking to reassure the public that they take hate crime very seriously and are encouraging people to come forward and report.

Hate crime occurs in lots of different ways including: offensive graffiti, being physically attacked, people swearing or making abusive remarks, making you feel intimidated or harassed, having your property vandalised, having your belongings stolen, being threatened and online abuse.

Impact on victims

Hate crime can have significant impact on the victims, their families and their community including anxiety, depression and fear to leave the house.

We should never underestimate the effects of hate crime as they impact people in different ways. Hate crime can have physical and psychological effects and can seriously affect the mental health and ability to cope of the person who is targeted. As hate crime targets a person because of who they are, the impact has been known to be significantly more traumatic than a similar crime without the hate motivation; a person targeted for being themselves cannot change to prevent further attacks.

A hate crime attack on one person is also a crime targeting that whole community, as the perpetrator is showing malice and ill will towards the whole social group. Therefore each hate crime effectively has multiple victims and raises the fear of crime and concerns regarding safety for every person in that group.

Why report hate crime?

The Police and the courts treat hate crime very seriously. Hate crime is upsetting for victims and their friends and families, and creates division in communities.

The Police will treat hate crime as a priority. The courts can also impose a more severe sentence than for a similar crime with no hate motive.

If someone thinks they have been a victim of hate crime, they should report it to the Police as soon as possible. They have dedicated supervisors who oversee all types of hate crime.

By reporting it when it happens, it may be possible to prevent it happening to someone else.  It will also help the Police fully understand the extent of hate crime in Jersey so that they can allocate appropriate resources to tackling it.

Ways to Report Hate crime?

There are a number of ways you can report Hate crime:

  • The SOJ Police: Dial 999 in an emergency or 612612 if not an emergency. In person, at Police Headquarters, La Route Du Fort, or through the States of Jersey Police website:
  • In addition, hate crime can be reported to some of the organisations who support affected communities, including:
    • Stop Hate UK (all hate crime) 24 hours a day:
      • On the phone: 0800 138 1625 (Stop Hate UK includes Jersey in its service)
      • Chat on the web: You can chat live to one of their operators. Please note that it may take a few minutes to connect to an operator.
      • In an email:
      • In a text: 07717 989 025 (Texts are charged at your standard network rate)
      • With text relay: 18001 0800 138 1625 for people who are dDeaf, or have speech impairments
      • In an online form
      • In the post: PO Box 851, Leeds LS1 9QS
    • You can also report hate crime anonymously using the True Vision website, which can be accessed via the button in the footer of this website or
    • Contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111
  • If you would like support to report then you can contact Victim Support Jersey, 01534 440496 / who have trained staff to support you through the process.
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