Deputies manifesto review

Having taken a look at the manifestos (as published on of the candidates for Deputy in Jersey’s election, there were a few pledges that caught our attention as aligning with Liberate’s vision.

You can find out more about all the candidates and read their manifestos here.

Mary Ayling-Phillip (St Helier – District No. 3/4): “To challenge discrimination at all levels and create opportunities for everyone to reach their potential; I support the move to independent taxation, ending the need for a husband to sign off their wives’ tax information.”

Jamie Boylan (St Saviour – District No. 2): “The island now has a need for food banks and apps that allow people to collect food at the end of the day so families are fed. This can only be countered by better wages be it the minimum wage or the start of the living wage.”

Jacqui Carrel (St. Helier – District No. 3/4): “Help residents who are isolated through disability or language”

Linda Dodds (St Helier – District No. 2): “Equality in education”

Louise Doublet (St Saviour – District No. 2): “Equality – Improved parental leave, flexible working for both parents. I am currently undertaking work to establish the extent of the gender pay gap locally.”

Cloe Freeman (St Clement): “The demand for support of our ageing population and the rise of dementia place ever-growing pressure on mental health services. It is time for major adjustments both to funding and to the means by which we can deliver really effective care in the community.”

Inna Gardiner (St Helier – District No. 3/4):

“ – Equality of opportunity for all residents. I strongly believe that together we can make a difference in our community and economy by supporting every man and woman and enabling them to contribute to their potential. We are stronger together.

– Policies which create greater economic and political diversity.

– Social inclusion of immigrants who are already residents of Jersey – they should be seen as a resource and not a burden to help improve our economy and society.

– Help for parents return into work. I have many ideas, for example, to help “mompreneurs” – mothers who start their own small businesses.”

Kevin Lewis (St Saviour – District No. 2): “I have campaigned tirelessly with others for the introduction of an insurance scheme for people in later years, to ensure they won’t be forced to sell their homes, should one of the partners succumb to long term medical care.”

Judy Martin (St Helier – District No. 1): “Another Proposition of mine gave under 16s with severe disabilities their “care component” back through Social Security. This debate lead to an overall strategy for people with a disability in Jersey.”

Yann Mash (St Helier – District No. 1): “Vote to raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour by 2022 – our minimum wage is now lower then Guernsey and the UK while our cost of living is higher.”

Kevin Pamplin (St Saviour – District No. 1): “I believe we need to invest in the provision of 24-hour care for the elderly. Over the next decade we face a crisis dealing with dementia, which is predicted to be the 21st Century’s biggest killer. We need to refocus on the mental health front, not enough is being done to coordinate third sector provision to primary care.”

Susie Pinel (St Clement): “In my two terms I have:

–  fulfilled my previous election promise with the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Law along with discrimination laws on race, sex, and age. These laws bring benefit to our community and almost every Parishioner or family in Jersey.

– brought in the legislation positively extending maternity and paternity rights.”

Barry Shelton (St Helier – District No. 2): “I would also support 4 measures to help the lower paid and aged.

1   Abolition of GST on food.

2   Reduced doctors’ bills for the over seventies

3   Reintroduction of the Christmas bonus for all pensioners

4   2 year freeze on States/Andium rentals”

Monty Tadier (St Brelade – District No. 2): “Working with my three Reform Jersey colleagues, we have had many successes, including:

  • Preventing the abolition of the Pensioners’ Christmas Bonus for the poorest pensioners
  • Achieving free bus passes for disabled Islanders
  • Introducing an Ethical Care Charter for home care
  • Moving Jersey towards a voluntary living wage”

Graham Truscott (St Brelade – District No. 2): “We need to provide more dedicated nursing homes for dementia sufferers and additional respite facilities to support their carers.”

Sarah Westwater (St Lawrence): “There is no doubt that the States is unrepresentative of the Jersey electorate, with few women, young people, or minority groups. This sense of disconnection results in our low voter turnout, one of the very lowest in the world for any small jurisdiction.”

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