Referendum Commission

We have received an email from Mark Egan, Greffier to the States of Jersey. He is recruiting for 4 members of the new Referendum Commission plus its chair.

The Referendum Commission is a new body which will have two jobs:

  • To advise the Assembly on the question to be put in a referendum, to help ensure it is fair and impartial; and
  • To choose the lead campaign groups on either side in the referendum (the lead groups can spend more money and will have some assistance in terms of distribution of campaign material).

Commissioners will play an important role in ensuring that any future referendums are fair and well run.

Anyone can serve on the Referendum Commission if they have an interest in Jersey politics and can demonstrate:

  • good judgement and integrity and the capacity to be independent and impartial when dealing with contentious political questions;
  • the ability to participate in committee meetings, making a contribution listening to other views, and compromising where necessary; and
  • good oral communication skills.

The chair must have a successful, board-level or equivalent, track record within the public, private or not-for-profit sectors that demonstrates experience of:

  • chairing meetings effectively and undertaking media and ambassadorial work on behalf of an organisation
  • building and managing relationships with multiple stakeholders
  • handling conflicts of interest, and
  • working effectively with politicians and influencing people at the highest level.

This information sheet provides more information. If you (or anyone interested in these roles) have any questions please email or give Mark a call.

The deadline for applications is 3 November 2017 – all Mark needs is a letter or email setting out some information about the applicant’s working background and explaining why they wish to serve on the Commission.

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