I am a… Woman in a Male-Dominated Profession

I am a woman working in a male-dominated profession. The profession doesn’t start off as male-dominated – there are as many female graduates as male. It’s when you look at the top of the profession, its leaders, that you notice…

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I am a… Mother in a Same-Sex Marriage

I am a mother of one-year old twin girls. I also happen to be in a same-sex marriage, which led to some challenges and obstacles when my daughters were born last year. Currently, in Jersey, when a lesbian couple have…

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I am a… Member of the Polish Community

I am a member of a Polish community in Jersey. Since my arrival in year 2000 I’ve met many people from different walks of life and cultures. I’ve learnt a whole lot about Jersey history, language and society. I enjoyed…

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I am a… Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse

I am a survivor of and thriver from child sexual abuse. I am strong. I try every day to be kind. I took the stand as a witness for the prosecution in an historic paedophile trial. I didn’t want to…

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I am a… Bisexual

I am a bisexual. This is, probably, the most invisible of the “LGBT” (lesbian, gay, bi, trans) identities. With the others, you generally “come out” once and that’s it. For a bisexual it seems like you are coming out with…

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I am a… New Series in the JEP

This column came about through a discussion with the editor regarding the opinions of some columnists in the Jersey Evening Post that many people from minority groups in the Island find extremely offensive. Although it would be desirable to many…

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