National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2020

Poster: stop hate U K, hate doesn't belong here

This year’s National Hate Crime Awareness Week will take place from 10– 17 October 2020.

Jersey is a multi-cultural island and whilst some celebrate this rich diversity, others can directly or indirectly affect people’s enjoyment of life by acting on their prejudice, discriminate or even commit crime motivated by hatred toward people who are different to them. Here are some of the communities or different strands of diversity that can be affected by hate:

Race                         Religion                       Gender                      Disability                        Age                  

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity/Expression, and Sex Characteristics                       

The States of Jersey Police will be promoting the Hate Crime Awareness Week on their social media platform and have a number of activities planned in schools, businesses and across the community. The Police recognise that hate crimes and incidents are under reported and would appreciate anything you can do to support any victims of hate crime you encounter and encourage engagement either directly with the Police or reporting indirectly and in confidence via Stop Hate UK.

Some hate crimes or incidents may not be so obvious and may happen in your workplace or perhaps socially. I hope you join us in standing together and putting a clear message out across your network that there is no place for hate in Jersey, thus promoting a safe place for all. You can do this by posting some of the international hashtags below on your social media accounts, learning more about the subject and talking with those around you about diversity and hate – the more we talk openly about hate, the more visibly unacceptable it will become.

#NationalHCAW                       #WeStandTogether                  #NoPlaceForHate                #SafePlaceForAll                        #SpreadLoveNotHate                            #StopHateStartsHere

For further information regarding promoting the week, please visit and You can use published ideas on how to participate, print off and display some posters and find resources regarding this matter – you can make a difference in stopping hate.

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