Gendered Intelligence trained therapists

Liberate is delighted to announce that, as a result of organising and supporting a two day workshop delivered by Gendered Intelligence, the UK not-for-profit organisation, the island now has three adult mental health professionals and one youth mental health professional trained to deliver gender therapy in Jersey.

This is a significant step on the road to Jersey becoming self-sufficient from the NHS in regard to delivering gender therapy, hormone therapy and referrals for gender reassignment surgery. The trained professionals will be able to deliver this service in private practice and take these skills with them into their practice within States of Jersey mental health services.

If you would like to see a gender therapist in Jersey privately, please see our new page with details of the therapists who have completed the Gendered Intelligence course and would be pleased to accept clients from the LGBT+ community. If you wish to see a gender therapist in Jersey through the health service, please see your GP and ask them to refer you to one of the therapists named on our page via Adult Mental Health Services or Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

We are not yet self-sufficient from the NHS for gender reassignment surgery via the public health service route and Liberate will be working on improving that position over the coming months.

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