Liberate launches new Channel Islands quality mark

On Thursday 25 May 2017 at Radisson Blu, Liberate launches its DIFERA employer accreditation scheme.

This is the first scheme in the Channel Islands to award organisations with a quality mark that demonstrates to employees (past, present and future), to clients and suppliers that your organisation places Diversity, Inclusion, Fairness, Equality, Respect and Acceptance at the heart of what you do.

The DIFERA quality mark is awarded to organisations following an independent audit of your employees carried out by Liberate, the formation of your own diversity champions team and train-the-trainer training enabling your diversity champions to train their colleagues and inductees on the essentials of the scheme. Membership of the scheme is renewed annually and organisations are expected to undertake an audit every three years to ensure they are maintaining the standards required for scheme membership.

Details of the scheme will be provided at the breakfast launch where our guest speakers will be Sharon Peacock from Law At Work, who is a specialist in employment law with experience of both the UK and the Channel Islands, and Andrew Dowling-Wright from the sponsors of our launch, Systematica Investments.

We will also have a panel of early adopters of the scheme representing a range of sectors: The Channel Islands Co-Operative Society, Citi, Jersey Hospice Care and Radisson Blu, who will take questions from audience members.

If you would like to find out more about our DIFERA employer accreditation scheme, please click here.

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