Photo: a montage of famous LGBTQ+ people

An Introduction to Gender and Sexuality

This is a one hour session for schools for students aged 10-12 years.

The session introduces the meaning of the letters L, G, B and T and discusses the prevalence of LGBT people within the population and around the world. Students are introduced to the history of LGBT rights within the UK and Jersey and some of the inequalities that still exist for LGBT people.

The session discusses the different gender identities that students may come across, expands the letters to LGBTQ+ and examines how people with different gender identities may use pronouns.

Within the session students are given a chance to discuss the process of coming out for LGBTQ+ people and are provided with resources that can support them if they are beginning to question their sexuality or gender. For students who are not part of the LGBTQ+ community they are encouraged to be allies to the LGBTQ+ community and are provided with resources to help them show their support.

The session is delivered by a Liberate trainer, but it is expected that a member of the school teaching staff will be in the session in order to assist with student comprehension. Schools have differing levels of maturity in terms of the work they have already done on the subject of ED&I and there may be concepts in the course that need more/less time for some groups; having input from teaching staff in the session is therefore welcomed.

Cost: £100 per session