Photo: A black lives matter protest banner

Race in the Workplace

This one-hour training session is suitable for any organisation that would like to understand more about race and the particular challenges employees from minority racial or ethnic groups have when interacting in the workplace.

The issues surrounding race have been thrown into sharp relief by events in the USA that led to Black Lives Matter protests across the world in 2020. How do workplaces respond to these events and address the concerns of employees that stem from them?

The session enables participants to open up discussions about race in a safe way to help them understand the issues surrounding racial differences and what it means to be from a minority racial or ethnic group in the workplace.

This session communicates the standard of behaviour that any organisation seeking to do the right thing would expect its people to maintain towards clients, employees and others within and external to the organisation who are from a minority racial or ethnic group.

The session covers:

  • The words we use to talk about race
  • The history behind Black Lives Matter
  • Institutional and systemic racism
  • Racial profiling and how it affects daily life
  • What ‘privilege’ means
  • Immigration and its benefits
  • Modern day slavery
  • What we can all do to tackle racism

Cost: £100 per session (recommended max number of attendees: 25)