Photo: a blood sample with H I V test written on it

HIV: The Facts

This one-hour training session is suitable for any organisation that would like to understand more about HIV in the 21st century.

There are lots of myths and misconceptions about HIV that persist from the 1980s when it was first discovered, and treatment has moved on significantly since then. The stigmas arising from these myths for people living with HIV can mean they face particular challenges when interacting in the workplace.

The session takes a practical approach to protecting the people in and around your organisation from becoming the victims of assumptions/prejudice by providing attendees with an understanding of what it means to be HIV+ in the workplace.

The session covers:

  • What it means to be HIV positive (and what it does not mean)
  • How HIV is transmitted and how to prevent transmission
  • What the statistics are for HIV in Jersey and the UK
  • How HIV is treated today and how it can become untransmissable
  • The stigma and subsequent discrimination for people who are HIV positive
  • Where to go for support

Cost: £100 per session (recommended max number of attendees: 25)

This course was developed with the support of Terrence Higgins Trust. We are very grateful for the use of their training materials and the time of their employees to assist in the production of the course.