Photo: four people with different disabilities

Disability in the Workplace

This one-hour training session is suitable for any organisation that would like to understand more about disability and the particular challenges employees with disabilities have when interacting in the workplace.

The session takes a practical approach to protecting the people in and around your organisation from becoming the victims of assumptions/prejudice by providing attendees with an understanding of what it means to be disabled in the workplace.

Providing hints and tips for working alongside employees or customers who are disabled, this session communicates the standard of behaviour that any organisation seeking to do the right thing would expect its people to maintain towards clients, employees and others within and external to the organisation who are disabled.

The session covers:

  • The social model of disability
  • Physical, mental, sensory and intellectual impairments
  • Who might be disabled at work
  • How the history of disability frames our prejudices today
  • Particular problems faced by people with disabilities
  • The concept of reasonable adjustment
  • How to identify adjustments
  • What is reasonable?
  • Everyone’s duty to make reasonable adjustments

Cost: £100 per session (recommended max number of attendees: 25)

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