Pic: A Jersey flag with L G B T Q plus flags inlaid in the white segments

Our Queer Channel Islands…

This one hour local history talk is appropriate for any organisation wishing to mark LGBT+ history month (February) with an entertaining look at the Channel Islands’ queer* history.

Vic Tanner Davy, CEO of the Channel Islands’ equality charity Liberate, takes his audience on an historical tour of the lives of some of the LGBT+ characters who were born in our Islands or landed up on their shores. Often forced to leave Jersey or Guernsey to pursue a more authentic life away from the close confines of the Islands, these people demonstrated resilience and resourcefulness in the face of social and judicial censure. Their remarkable lives were often deliberately hidden from authorities and, by extension, the historical researcher. Piecing together the fragments that remain for a modern audience with a greater understanding of the multiplicity of sexuality and gender identity results in a fascinating and, at times, frustrating task.

Cost: £100 per session (no max number of attendees)

* The word queer is used in the context of the academic discipline of ‘queer studies’.

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