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Managing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

This day training session is suitable for any organisation that would like to help its managers understand more about diversity, the challenges diversity can bring to the workplace and some of the tools organisations can use to overcome those challenges to ensure everyone is included at work.

Diversity at work is relatively easy to achieve. Most workplaces will have diversity present already. The more important consideration is how employees who make up that diversity feel about working there. Does their organisation make them feel included, accepted and welcome? Are they treated the same as other employees – fairly and equitably? Are they comfortable and able to give their best?

Research undertaken in January and February 2020 in the UK and USA showed one third of people feel they cannot bring their whole self at work and be truly open about themselves; one third of people find office banter uncomfortable; one third of people say no one senior at work looks like them; one third of people have experienced bias, harassment or inappropriate behaviour at work. This means that at any given moment one third of your workforce could be unhappy, uncomfortable and not performing at their best – that’s a lot of resource to waste.

This session examines the manager’s role in understanding the diversity present in their team, leading their team by example, seeking out ways to include team members, and acting as a mentor and ally to others in the workplace.

The session covers:

  • Why do we protect people from certain diverse groups and why is diversity important to acknowledge in organisations?
  • What is privilege and unconscious bias, and why we all need to recognise both?
  • Why is diversity difficult to manage and why you should ‘prepare to be amazed’?
  • Why should we make adjustments for diversity?
  • How do we make adjustments for diversity as organisations?
  • How do we make adjustments for diversity as individuals?

Cost: £700 per session (recommended max number of attendees: 25)

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