Gender and Sexuality in the Workplace

This free one-hour training session is suitable for any organisation that would like to understand more about this specialist area. The course also serves to protect an organisation and its people from becoming the victims of discrimination and, for organisations, communicates the standard of behaviour that it expects its people to maintain towards LGBT+ clients, employees and others within and external to the organisation, which may be used as evidence when defending a case during a tribunal claim.

The session covers:

  • What it means to have an intersex condition
  • What it means to be transgender
  • Sexual orientation and what it means for employees
  • What to do when someone comes out as L, G, B or T at work
  • The process of transitioning from one gender to another
  • How to treat a transgender person
  • The problems encountered by transgender people in the workplace
  • Transgender youngsters (special addition for those who work with children)
  • Transgender people and mental health (special addition for those who work in the area of health and mental health services)

Understanding and Combatting Unconscious Bias

This interactive and engaging one hour session is suitable for any organisation that would like to add to its equality and diversity training offering to employees. Understanding unconscious bias is the key to understanding why we often behave in prejudiced ways, whilst professing our inclusion credentials. This course is the starting point for organisations looking to move the conversation about diversity and inclusion forward from legislation to attitudes in the workplace.

The session covers:

  • How and why our brains are pre-programmed to categorise
  • Ingroups v outgroups
  • Social dominance
  • Unconscious bias
  • Stereotypes and why they are harmful
  • What we can do about our own unconscious bias

Cost: £100 (recommended max number of attendees: 25)

Over the last year Liberate delivered over 50 of these bite-sized training sessions to various organisations – businesses, States of Jersey departments, schools, healthcare providers and charities.

If you would like to know more about these sessions or to book one, please email

In 2018, we will be developing our range of courses further to enable organisations to support their equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives.

We will also be delivering specialist training subsidised by Liberate in partnership with UK specialist orgnisations.