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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for Sport and Physical Activity Workshop

This two hour session is suitable for any sporting/fitness club, team, association or organisation that would like an introduction equality, diversity and inclusion within a sporting context for its players, coaches, referees, umpires, volunteers or other supporters.

Sport has the power to unite people, particularly when cheering for your national team. However, as we have seen recently in football, it can also be the arena where individuals allow feelings of hate and prejudice to come out. Why is sport having these problems? Is it unique to sport or part of being human? And what can we do about it as leaders in our clubs and associations, or on the pitch as referees, coaches or players? This course takes a look at issues of diversity, inclusion, fairness, equality, respect and acceptance (DIFERA) within sport.

Learning Outcomes

  • Why DIFERA matters in sport
  • Why inclusion is so difficult for humans
  • How to challenge prejudice
  • How to think about reasonable adjustments
  • What respect looks like
  • How good mental health helps us to accept

Developed in partnership with Jersey Sport, delivered by Liberate (Jersey) and supported by EY. This course is part of Jersey Sport’s Essential programme of courses that make up the Jersey SportsMark.

Tickets can be ordered through Jersey Sport’s website ( The next course is being run on 3 March 2022 (

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