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DIFERA Burst – An Introduction to the Concepts of DIFERA

This interactive and engaging one hour session is suitable for any organisation that would like to add to its equality, diversity and inclusion training offering to employees, would like to understand more about the DIFERA accreditation scheme before signing up, or is already a DIFERA scheme member and would like to supplement the training being rolled out by their DIFERA champions. You can find out more about the DIFERA scheme here.

DIFERA stands for diversity, inclusion, fairness, equality, respect and acceptance. This session is a whistle-stop tour through these key concepts that challenge participants to think differently about colleages, to question their own assumptions about groups of people, to practise empathy for others, to accept themselves and to be kind.

The session covers:

  • The history of discrimination legislation and equal rights
  • How prejudice happens
  • Unconscious bias
  • Empathy and perspective-taking
  • Talking about difference
  • Respect in the workplace

Cost: £100 per session (recommended max number of attendees: 25)