Combatting racial bias

IAT (Implicit Association Test) research has shown that more than 70% of individuals have an implicit preference for Whites over Blacks. Of Black individuals taking the test, only half prefer Blacks over Whites.

One of the ways that we can weaken this pro-White tendency is by looking at positive images of Black role models set against images of vilified White people. Research shows that this does not result in a permanent weakening of pro-White bias and the affects of this exercise fade over time (more than a day). (Binna Kandola, 2009, The Value of Difference: Eliminating Bias in Organisations, pp 182-183)

If you are being asked to make a significant decision where you might suffer from an unconscious bias, e.g. a decision about recruitment, promotion or redundancy of employees, flicking through the gallery below a few times may help dampen any implicit racial bias you may hold before a decision is taken.

The people shown have been chosen because they have been widely praised or widely vilified across the media. In selecting these images Liberate makes no judgement as to the whether this treatment of the individual concerned by the media is justified.

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