Photo: a boy thinking about his nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, disability and age

An Introduction to Unconscious Bias

This is a one hour session for schools for students aged 10-12 years.

The session introduces the characteristics protected by anti-discrimination legislation and why those characteristics are the ones protected historically. It discusses the different and unequal treatment experienced by minority groups and then introduces the concept of unconscious bias as a way of understanding why human beings discriminate.

Students are asked to consider their own characteristics and think about the ways in which they might have unconscious biases towards groups of people. The session examines where our unconscious biases come from, how they feed into wider societal discrimination and what we can all do, as individuals, to challenge our biases.

The session is delivered by a Liberate trainer, but it is expected that a member of the school teaching staff will be in the session in order to assist with student comprehension. Schools have differing levels of maturity in terms of the work they have already done on the subject of ED&I and there may be concepts in the course that need more/less time for some groups; having input from teaching staff in the session is therefore welcomed.

Cost: £100 per session

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